Strengthening bonds between Ukraine and the Netherlands

OpenDoorUkraine.NL (ODU) is a public platform that supports businesses, humanitarian organisations, civil society actors and cultural players working with Ukraine. Its goal is to intensify contacts and increase understanding between the Netherlands and Ukraine.

Through its three thematic tables – economy, humanitarian affairs, and culture & civil society – OpenDoorUkraine.NL brings together actors and stakeholders from both countries, and helps them to identify partners and opportunities for their activities.

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Humanitarian affairs

The Humanitarian Table brings together NGOs in the Netherlands that provide support to affected communities in Ukraine. It promotes the work of humanitarian organisations by strengthening information and exchanges with counterparts and authorities in Ukraine.
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Cultural & Civil Society

The Cultural table is a platform to support and promote Ukrainian cultural activities in the Netherlands. It encourages initiatives in the Netherlands and Ukraine that increase knowledge and understanding of each other’s culture.
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Economic affairs

The Economic Table promotes sustainable business activities between business and small & medium enterprises (SME’s) in the Netherlands and in Ukraine. It strengthens networking and cooperation of entrepreneurs in both countries in order to help create opportunities for participating partners.
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Foto Museum toont voorwerpen van kinderen uit oorlogsgebied Donbas

Museum toont voorwerpen van kinderen uit oorlogsgebied Donbas

August 02, 2021 - ODU - HUMANITARIAN · In de nacht, als een explosie de stilte doorklieft, grijpt de vijfjarige Sofia eerst naar haar knuffelbeer. Vervolgens springt ze boven op haar moeder, Ljoedmila Pisjova. Die omklemt haar en spreekt haar bezwerend toe. “Rustig maar, meisje, misschien is het geen schieten, maar onweer.”


Donbas conflictChildrenMuseum
Foto Join the ODU conference “Ukraine's Place in Europe” ONLINE on September 14!

Join the ODU conference “Ukraine's Place in Europe” ONLINE on September 14!

September 05, 2021 - To mark Ukraine’s 30th independence anniversary, the OpenDoorUkraine.NL foundation will hold a hybrid conference in The Hague on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, on the theme: UKRAINE’S PLACE IN EUROPE: Achievements and Challenges after 30 years of Independence. You are welcome to join this event online via livestream.




Nord Stream 2 & Turk Stream 2: What should Europe do? - online

27 September 2021
Discussion on the two gas pipelines by which Russia seeks to circumvent Ukraine and tighten its grip on the EU gas market.

European Policy Centre, Brussels - online, 15:00 CEST, 16:00 Kyiv time.

More information here.


The future of Ukraine's gas transit after Nord Stream 2 - online

28 September 2021
As Russia finalises its Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Europe, what is the future of Ukraine's gas networks?

European Business Association, Kyiv - online, 15:00 CET.

View live on Facebook.


Beyond the Protest Square: Augmented Dissent in Ukraine's Euromaidan - Facebook live

29 September 2021
Book discussion on how citizens used digital social media during the EuroMaidan revolution.

Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard (Mass., USA) - 22:00 CET, 23:00 Kyiv time.

More information here.