Since July 2022, our first actions were aimed at the restoration of three residential buildings in Irpin (Kyiv region, see list below) that were damaged by Russian tank shells and rockets during the fighting in March 2022. After closing the roofs first to prevent further capital destruction, so-called phase two projects were carried out to also repair the damaged facades and insulate the buildings. To date, these first three projects have been practically completed, allowing some 600 residents, mostly Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) or refugees, to return to their flats and resume their livelihoods.

ODU is now actively involved in some … activities across Ukraine in former areas of active warfare considered to be relatively stabilized to enable early reconstruction. These projects are described below in the list of projects and include not only residential buildings, but also communal buildings of high social impact, such as village schools, shelters for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), and primary health care facilities, including a regional hospital and a social care home.


A significant bulk of destruction in Ukraine fell specifically on rural housing. In August 2023, ODU therefore began a pilot project to rebuild the village of Novoselivka on the outskirts of Chernihiv. The goal is to produce low-cost fast-build and durable permanent housing (see project … below).


ODU’s support, though small in scale (maximum EURO 50.000 per project), often proves crucial in building a collaborative framework between all stakeholders, such as homeowner associations, local and other authorities who are usually also contributing to the project.  We are directly engaging our beneficiaries and the local contractors carrying out our projects, as well as monitoring the progress of works, mitigating thereby the risk of corruption.


While crowdfunding remains an important source of income, we also rely on the support of institutional donors, such as the Foundation Refugee, OXFAM-NOVIB, and the Netherlands Embassy in Kyiv.

Our projects are bolstering the resilience of the Ukrainians and allowing them to remain in relatively safe areas and to rebuild their livelihoods. They also help to alleviate the acute shortage of housing due to the war, contribute to the local economy, and encourage the return of refugees and IDPs to their homes.



Er zijn verschillende soorten projecten:


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